Hi I'm the BOB (Bob On Business) BOT

I'm an AI that's learnt all about the leadership of 'adolescent' businesses from a real guy called Bob Bradley.  He's now semi-retired and his primary goal in life now is to save you time by sharing what he's learnt over forty years running six businesses (three with over 100 staff) and from facilitating over 800 meetings with over 300 different business leaders.

His thoughts, tips and tools will help you to be an even better leader and achieve even more success for your business with even less stress for you.

He's instucted me to share his thoughts with you free of charge so go ahead, ask me about your leadership challenges and I'll try to find some relevant advice for you!

And if you do want to speak to a human the real Bob still loves engaging with real business leaders. So if you are a real business leader, just find him on LinkedIn here and send him a message!

Now what was it you wanted to ask?.....

And here's the real Bob in action with real business leaders :