Do more, better, quicker

Speaker, interviewer and trainer

I specialise in working with operational business leaders.  Those leading businesses beyond startup and below corporate scale. 

Typically leading teams of 15 - 500 and where the leader actually has to get done whatever needs doing to hit target revenues, profits and cash.

The focus of my speaking is on the real practical challenges of leading a business, scaling it and growing it in good times and bad. 

I share real practical thoughts, tips and tools to help you deal with the myriad challenges that involves. 

The content is drawn from the many learnings from my own career (both successes and more powerfully mistakes) and also what I have learnt from facilitating over 800 discussions of business challenges between real practical leaders.


Interviewing experienced and interesting business leaders on stage is another great source of learning for me and the audience. I use my deep and broad experience of business alongside my own genuine interest and natural curiosity, to draw out practical thoughts, tips and tools that the audience can apply themselves.

Overall my goal is to improve the competence, confidence and motivation of business leaders.

Are you a business leader, board or senior management team looking for a neutral and experienced business person?

To confidentially discuss a real business challenge? To run a strategic planning or teambuilding workshop? To facilitate difficult and important discussions?

To put in place a business leader peer network or establish action learning set in your organisation? Or to help with succession planning as you move towards exit and maybe even transition to employee ownership.

I guided an owner manager through the whole process from appointing and letting go of a Managing Director, through to exploring a trade sale and eventually deciding upon Employee Ownership (EO)

Two years later I became the first Chair of trustees guiding both new and old owners.  Finally guiding the appointment of the new leader of the business under employee ownership and being their confidant since then too.

Not only have I facilitated hundreds of business leader meetings and chaired many board meetings, I am a qualified MBTI Myers-Briggs practitioner and most importantly ...

I have been there myself as a member of a management team and as the business leader.