CEO Secrets of success

The BBC ran a business series called CEO Secrets in which they explored what drove success in business.  I summarise below the three big tips and extract some of the most interesting quotes.

Three top secrets of success in business

Lots of business leaders visit the BBC and one intrepid journalist took it upon himself to ask them all for one tip they would share.  And the answers boiled down to three points which I summarise as:
  • Connect and network – so you can learn from the real world
  • Build a great team – of people better than yourself
  • Just do it – and learn from the inevitable mistakes

Top tips from real leaders

Here are some of my favourite quotes to reinforce the message:“Surround yourself with people who are better than you. Whatever it is that you are not – surround yourself with them.”

Harriet Green, former CEO Thomas Cook

“If you are starting a new business, it’s crucial you choose the people you are going to work with carefully, and then treat them well. You are going to be spending a lot of time with them”

Ruth Rogers, The River Cafe

“I really would advise you to get two or three people to go into business with who have got the same values as you, but different skills. “Build a core team that can nail every part of the business”

Richard Reed, Innocent Drinks

“Engineers and scientists. Trust in them, believe in them and back them.”

Sir James Dyson

“Leave the beaten path. If I had understood this when I was younger, I would have become much more directed and become an entrepreneur earlier”

Reid Hoffman

“The single most important thing in business is to go out there and give it a go. Fifty per cent of the decisions you make will be wrong whatever. Get started and learn from them.”

Richard Reed

“Make sure you’ve got a belief that you will sacrifice everything for, and as soon as you’ve got that – get on with it.”

Giles Dean, Fitness Entrepreneur