Accidental business leaders

I have been working with SME Managing Directors for two decades and I’ve learnt a lot about them. 

The big revelation for me from this time is that many SME managing directors did not set out to run a business. For someone like me who worked through a career ladder before deciding I enjoyed leading businesses, and worked hard to get an opportunity to do so, that was quite a shock. 

So how do you end up running a business by accident?

Well, I’ve since learnt that it’s quite simple. There are two or three possibly routes

That’s how in my experience most business leaders end up running a business.  It;'s also why many adolescent businesses have growth pains. They’re not all led by well trained professionals.  And as one I'm not championing them as any better leaders - we have too much theory stuffed into us!

It's no wonder leaders sometimes run into a problem and encounter growth pains with their business.

There are loads of businesses out there run by people with no training to do so. That in itself is NOT the problem – many entrepreneurial people do a great job; bettter than those with the theory! But it does sometimes become a problem for them. They take their responsibility to their staff and their customers seriously and can can find themselves a little out of their depth. Especially when the business gets a bit too big for one person to manage by instinct. Or when difficulties like a recession hit!

The thing is, Managing Directors aren’t allowed to be unsure and lacking confidence are they!? Who wants to work for a boss who is even slightly unsure about management? It’s at this point they realise the need to learn something about managing and leading a business.

Which is where I come in.

I work exclusively with operational business leaders on leadership, strategy and growth. I coach and mentor some.  I speak, I interview and I facilitate. And I offer a free online conversation to help any real business leader (Click here) Yes to help, NOT to talk about helping.  I won't be pitching.  If afterwards you want to ask for more help, great.  If not, I'm pleased to have helped!