Peter's secret for team performance

I recently read a really simple but insightful piece in the book "How to become a world class manager" by my inspiring friend Wayne Clarke. I'm sure he won't mind me sharing as I'd strongly recommend you read the book. Click here to buy on Amazon!

Wayne tells the story of Peter:

Wayne discovered that Peter's team consistently outperformed all other teams in all metrics, from call handling to customer satisfaction. And Wayne wanted to find out why but Peter couldn't tell him.

After doing his due diligence and research Wayne worked it out and after a bit of teasing in the book, Wayne reveals Peter's secret:

He only 'works' four days a week!

At least that's the perception of some of his less smart peers.  Instead he spends one day a week (20% of his time) simply chatting, connecting and listening to his team members.

In simple terms his focus on connection and listening creates a supportive and engaged team and that is turn leads to better performance.

As another of my great speaker friends, Lindsay McKenna says, your job as a business leader is to look after the team so the team looks after the business!