Review your IT

One challenge facing Managing Directors running SMEs today is managing the businesses Information Systems (IS) and it’s Information Technology (IT) and it’s Communications infrastructure.

The three are sometimes conjoined and referred to as ICT, especially in the Public Sector. And nowadays the complexity includes Mobile phones Smartphones and Tablets as well as all things that might sometimes be referred to as Computers, Telecommunications, Data, The Web, the Internet and nowadays the Cloud.

This article is to help thinking about the management of IT systems, and especially to help the astute Managing Director ask great questions that enable them to gain an insight into their systems.

Reviewing your information and communication systems and technology

My perspective is that it is important to look separately at five aspects:






At a high level we need to examine each of those areas and ask what do we have now, how well does that support the business and what are the shortcomings and risks of that approach.

Techniques for doing so include:

Key questions to ask include:

Role focused questions;

Applications focused questions;

Infrastructure focused questions;

Data focused questions;

Management focused questions;