Real life learning

Clearly as someone who earns his living sharing what I've learnt as a business leader and working with business leaders rather than what I've read or studied you'd expect me to champion real life learning.  But actually this quote doesn't come from me. It’s from some obscure business leader called Richard Branson! 

His view is that “Our greatest lessons come from the University of Life – getting our hands dirty, interacting with people in real situations, travelling, and learning on the spot.” 

Whilst sharing leadership insights from Branson, I thought I’d also share the following video of Sir Richard being interviewed by MD2MD speaker Jeff Grout.

Real life learning is the only way forward

Through the interview Richard shares numerous insights of which I particularly like the following:

Business is about finding ways to make people’s lives better

All you have is your brand and your reputation

It’s tough to get your first business started

In my experience business success is less about having a genius idea and making money overnight and more about a bright (not necessarily educated) person with a good idea that they back with lots of guts, determination, hard work and resilience to bounce back and learn from every setback.