"I’m blown away – truly it is a wonderful piece of work. It’s incredibly comprehensive yet laid out in a completely digestible format. The headings, phases and summaries are clear, and the switching between actions and decisions, and back again, really makes it easy for the reader to use the book as a pragmatic support in real-time.


It is beautifully laid out, making it easy to read in bite-size (‘snackable’) pieces, but what’s really clever is that if the reader flicks onto something that particularly interests them, they are drawn to keep reading through the quality and (don’t take this the wrong way) the simplicity of the language, and the logical flow of the strategies you outline.


For me the smartest aspect is how your headings and categorisations point the reader directly at the coaching questions they can prepare and ask at every stage of the journey and for every leadership event or intervention they create (and you’re also clear in what those events and interventions should be). And I love the tips and templates in the Appendices. You really have provided everything a leader needs.     


Finally what really ultimately sets this book apart is that it does not contain typical corporate-speak, rather it is a very personalised curation of your advice based on your personal experiences, beliefs and learnings. It is the highly personal nature of the writing that makes it so readable.  


I know of no other book that competes with this, and it deserves to be given to / ready by every senior leader."

Your First 100 Days as a new Operational Business Leader

So you’ve just been appointed the new leader of an organisation.

Whether appointed from outside or within, you are now the Managing Director, the Chief Executive, the Senior Partner, or simply the boss. 

What do you do now?

Drawing on my experience as a General Manager, Managing Director and twice Chief Executive.

As well as my experience on the receiving end of at least two new bosses and observing what they did right and what I think they did wrong

In this book I offer you some thoughts, tips and tools that might help!

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