Team building workshop
with Myers - Briggs option

Myers - Briggs 

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an effective way to assess innate personality type preferences. Knowing your preferences equips you to make better decisions, communicate more effectively with others and understand how to work effectievly as a team.

➡️ Some people gain energy by interacting with others, while some recharge through quiet reflection alone

➡️ Some take a detail-oriented approach to information, while others are drawn to the big picture.

➡️ Some folks take an analytical approach to decision making, while others focus on how their decisions will impact others

➡️ Some personalities prefer to make and stick to plans, while others take a less structured approach, keeping their options open.

The Myers-Briggs assessment is not a test. There's no such thing as a  right or wrong type and it can't predict the future. It can though provide you with a better understanding of your own preferences and also those of people around you helping both you and your team perform more effectively.

The MBTI® instrument is a restricted assessment tool and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator practitioners must be trained in the use and interpretation of the instrument. In addition to ensuring the ethical and accurate use of the Indicator, practitioners have the knowledge necessary to assist clients in understanding and using MBTI results. 

What I offer

I am a qualified MBTI practitioner fully trained and licensed to utilise the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for personal and team development.

I find it very useful to open a team workshop with a Myers-Briggs session. Most participants find it enjoyable, insightful and useful.

It often transforms the frustration of working with colleagues of a different type into an excitement about the potential of utilising differences to achieve better results as a team.