Peer groups,
Peer networks
and Action learning sets

20 years building and sustaining a community of business leader peer groups

Over nearly 20 years from 2004 until 2023 Bob built MD2MD, a business leader peer group community of business leaders, up to 100 members meeting both online and face to face.

Now available to advise, facilitate and train your team to do the same

Having built a successful business and having facilitated or hosted over 800 meetings, Bob is well qualified to help you to start and run peer group communities.

Why not use this superb leadership development approach to develop your own community in and around your business?

Bob can help you plan and launch whilst advising, developing and training your team to sustain the community themselves.  Being semi-retired his purpose is inevitably to develop the ability and capability in your team to sustain the group rather than protect his own role.