Free confidential chat

 No invoice. No pitch.

No hassle. Just value. 

If you are an operational business leader I am happy to offer a free conversation in which I will simply do my best to help you with your business challenges.

This is not secretly a sales call !!!  I will not pitch!

My goal is simply to be as helpful as possible within the call.

If you want me to help further on a commercial basis you will have to ask me for a proposal.


I don't need many clients nowadays so don't need to be pushy.

I like being helpful.

Profile for me and my books is more important to me.

I learn more myself from every coaching call I have.

You might refer me on to someone else who does end up paying me.

You might choose to proactively ask for more on a commercial basis.

The appointment is for 45 minutes in case we overrun and so we don't finish in a hurry.

Please give me an indication of what you want to talk about on the booking form.

Details and booking calendar below

Operational business leader. A Managing Director, CEO or any other title. Accountable for the performance of a largely autonomous operational business / business like unit in private, public or third sector.

Operational Business. An 'adolescent' business beyond startup and below corporate. Where the challenge is organising, engaging and motivating a team of 20-500 people to achieve a shared ambitious goal.